How to Get a Business Degree Quickly

In today’s competitive job market, a business degree can open up opportunities and increased earning potential. However, not everyone has 2-4 years to spend on a traditional bachelor’s program. Here are some tips to accelerate your business degree.

  • Consider an associate degree. Associate of Arts degrees in business take just 2 years to complete. They cover introductory business concepts and can help land entry-level jobs.
  • Enroll in an accelerated business bachelor’s program. Some schools offer 3-year tracks with year-round study and credits for life/work experience.
  • Attend summer sessions. Take summer classes in addition to fall and spring semesters to earn credits faster.
  • Take on extra course loads. Increase your credit load per semester to over 15 credits. Just be sure not to compromise your grades.
  • Test out of basic courses. Seek college credit for your existing knowledge through CLEP exams to skip introductory classes.
  • Transfer credits from past college experience. Any relevant credits from previous schooling can potentially count toward your business degree.
  • Study independently. Self-study for credit-by-exam options to demonstrate your knowledge and earn credit for what you already know.
  • Consider competency-based programs. Some schools award credit based on proven competencies rather than required course hours.
  • Look into credit for prior learning/work experience if offered. Develop a professional portfolio highlighting your work and life skills.
  • Enroll full-time rather than part-time if possible. Taking a full course load each term will significantly accelerate progress.
  • Set a ambitious graduation timeline and stick to it. Chart out required credits and aim to complete your degree at least 1 semester early.

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